14th Century Navarre

Navarre is a country that tends to be forgotten, as it was frequently absorbed by France. It was its own country with its own struggles and victories. Sitting in a strategic spot, and full of various religions and backgrounds, the culture produced different laws and regulations, and they had different needs from the French .… Continue reading 14th Century Navarre

14th Century France

France in the 14th century shows drastic changes after the bitter loss of Acre in 1291 and with it any hope of regaining the Holy Land. Crusades to do so would be planned, but nothing would become of it, mostly due to the greed of the French and English Kings of the time. During the… Continue reading 14th Century France

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14th Century Portugal

If we were to trace the expansion of the new world to one country, it would be Portugal, and if we were to pinpoint when this turning point began, we find ourselves here, in the 14th century. This would mark the beginning of their Golden Era brought in by the reign of the ‘Farmer King’,… Continue reading 14th Century Portugal

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Alhambra (qa’lat al-Hamra’)

Alhambra, which literally translates to red castle, is a palace-fortress settled in the rocky hills west of the city of Granada and is first noted from the 9th century. The Nasrid dynasty began a tradition of housing the royal family here when it began with Mohammed I in the 13th century and the palace began… Continue reading Alhambra (qa’lat al-Hamra’)

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The Feast of Herod and the Beheading of the Baptist by Giovanni Baronzio

Today we are looking at a curious piece of artwork done by Giovanni Baronzio named ‘The Feast of King Herod and the Beheading of the Baptist’ (ca. 1300-35).  Giovanni was an Italian painter from the town of Rimini which sat on the coast of the Adratic Sea in what was known as the Papal States.… Continue reading The Feast of Herod and the Beheading of the Baptist by Giovanni Baronzio

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14th Century Italy

We enter Italy at the beginning of the century, and find a world on the brink of bursting with life through trade while also overcoming natural disaster.  The Holy Roman Empire has been revived and a power struggle ensued between them and the papacy. The Anjou dynasty is establishing itself in the country, and the… Continue reading 14th Century Italy